Live Cork collaborates with Surtep


Live Cork & Surtep offer tailor-made Barriques on the wine market, accompanied by the most important certifications regarding the origin and duration of the aging of the woods, in order to guarantee quality, consistency in results and reliability. This collaboration is created with the meeting of two realities that share the same philosophy and together with real technological innovation, the aim is to offer the best possible service.

Surtep's innovation

Surtep is an innovative company in the Barrique production sector thanks to the introduction of the brand new "Petra-BioOak" branded toasting technology which has as its concept the use of volcanic stones and precious stones instead of the classic flame toasting.
This new technology differs from the traditional direct heat toasting method by introducing a much more noble concept that respects and enhances the wine. With this particular toasting the tertiary aromas are not released to the wine.

Specifically, the stones are heated through resistances and brought to very high temperatures and for a certain time depending on the result to be obtained, with the transmission of heat from the stones to the wood, so the toasting of the Barrique takes place in the most homogeneous and constant way possible. This allows the reproducibility of the results. It is therefore possible, depending on the parameters decided, to give different nuances to the wine. For further information, please visit the Surtep website


Surtep has 3 exclusive certifications issued by Bureau Veritas:

  • Certificate for the Oak origin (forests)
  • Certificate for drying time (at least 24 months)
  • Certificate for the drying method (100% natural)


The Surtep product is made on request and the customer has total control and involvement in choosing the parameters and technical characteristics of their Barrique: the type of toasting, the selection of the grain, the size and the total choice of the aesthetic customization of the Barrique with laser printing. For any information, please contact the following email: