Our quality

The Cork

A wonderful material, a true prodigy of nature, with inimitable characteristics, which gave rise to the first studies on cells (R. Hooke, 1665). Developed in the Mediterranean habitat to protect the oaks and used, since ancient times, to preserve and keep wine, it has always been the reference closure for excellent enology.
The inspiring principle of Live Cork is the promotion of the best oenological closures, produced starting from this fascinating material, from the noblest part of the cork oak bark, through scientific research and the use of the best technologies available to the most important centers. of international research .

Natural TCA Free

Live Cork has decided to deliver to its customers only the best corks: selected, one by one, with very advanced industrial systems based on gas phase spectrometry and free from TCA and other off flavors.
A single piece of 100% natural precious material, coming from the noblest part of the best cork oaks in Spain and Sardinia.