Live Cork participates in the Economy of Francesco 2020

Econmy of Francesco in Live Cork's home.

Live Cork had the gift of being able to participate in the Economy of Francesco event, held in direct video conference on November 19-20-21, 2020.

The project was born about 12 months earlier with the invitation of Pope Francis to bring together voices from around the world to discuss the global economy.

Directly or indirectly, people from all over the world have had the opportunity to share what will be the spirit of the new global economy.

The words of great figures of the economy, young entrepreneurs and scholars have reached thousands of people around the world by discussing focal issues of the global economy.

The return in terms of values of what was and what is the Economy of Francesco was incredible.
A movement of great spiritual power overwhelmed the minds and hearts of the listeners.

An intrinsic will of the collective has come to light, destined to change the present, for a better future for all. Therefore anyone who has had the opportunity to come into contact with this reality has received a minimum part of spirit awareness to be able to choose to lend a hand to everyone's tomorrow..

Pope Francis' message in his speech outlined some key steps that Live Cork wants to share:

“We need a change, we want a change, we are looking for a change. The problem arises when we realize that, due to many of the difficulties that beset us, we do not have adequate and inclusive answers; indeed, we are affected by a fragmentation in analyzes and diagnoses which ends up blocking any possible solution. After all, we lack the necessary culture to allow and stimulate the opening of different visions, marked by a type of thought, politics, educational programs, and even spirituality that does not allow itself to be locked up by a single dominant logic. If it is urgent to find answers, it is essential to grow and support management groups capable of elaborating culture, start processes - do not forget this word: start processes - trace paths, broaden horizons, create belonging ... Every effort to administer, care and improve our home common, if it is to be meaningful, requires changing "the lifestyles, the models of production and consumption, the consolidated structures of power that govern societies today". Without doing this, you will do nothing."

We live in a historical period where everyone can make a difference, but this is not the aim. Learning to make a difference in the community is what will truly enable profound change towards a better future.
The experience was a forge of spirit for the Live Cork team as they base their work on the values of the future.
We warmly invite you to visit and discover the Economy of Francesco on their website website.
Greetings to everyone.