Premium Quality

Excellent quality of cork products, declined at the highest levels: the use of the finest materials and the most advanced production techniques is transformed into an unprecedented sensorial experience.


Live Cork promotes the building of long-term relationships, through actions and behaviors inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Capillary, targeted and effective sales and after-sales service.

Research and development

Research, Development and Innovation: collaboration with the best international research centers and use of the most sophisticated technologies available to Italian winemaking.


Natural Cork TCA FREE

A single piece of 100% natural precious material, coming from the noblest part of the best oaks ...

Microagglomerated Stopper

Made up of the noblest part of the cork, coming solely from the processing residues of the natural cork ...

Sparkling Stopper

Made up of a high purity agglomerated cork body and two high density natural cork discs ...


Economy of Francesco in Live Cork's Home

Read the article about Live Cork's experience in Pope Francis' event ...