Our begin

Who we are

Live Cork starts up in 2019 from an idea of some respected Italians professionist which boosts up many years of experience in the sector of oenological closures and, in particular, of those in cork. Live Cork aims at the market with an articulated action in the following strategic points:

  • Excellent quality of cork products, declined at the highest levels: using the finest materials and most advanced production techniques guarantees an incredible sensorial experience.
  • Research, Development and Innovation: collaboration with the best international research centers and use of the most sophisticated technologies available to Italian oenology.
  • Widespread, targeted and effective sales and after-sales service.

Live Cork & Customer

Live Cork has the customer's need in first place. It represents the main objective in its entirety. The centrality of the interlocutor is vital and the ethic-relation aspect is considered essential.

In the relationship with customers, suppliers, financiers, civil society and external subjects, the company does commits to offer useful and quality goods and services, paying particular attention to the needs; explicit and implicit of customers.

The human is in the center of the enterprise, no matter if internal or external by the corporate structure.